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.@marcomendicino⁩ réfute accusations des ⁦@PCC_HQ⁩ disant qu’il a agi sournoisement et à la dernière minute : il a été clair dès le dépôt du #C21 qu’il allait “introduire un système de classification permanent pour la armes à ...feu de type d’assaut” https://www.ledevoir.com/societe/772360/vers-une-plus-large-interdiction-des-armes-semi-automatiques

“It’s so gratifying to know, as a female victim (&) activist for gun violence prevention (that) is constantly harassed by members of 🇨🇦gun lobby, that the vast majority of gun owners actually support our efforts” -Alison Irons ...@christmasali #cdnpoli https://www.ipolitics.ca/news/more-than-three-quarters-of-gun-owners-support-ban-on-assault-weapons-poll @Cain

#GunCulture: There's not one shared set of values in 🇨🇦. "There’s that traditional, rural-based, hunting-oriented culture, and then there’s the more modern ‘gun culture 2.0,’ which is all about handguns and black rifles" - author ...@ajsomerset #cdnpoli https://www.ipolitics.ca/news/more-than-three-quarters-of-gun-owners-support-ban-on-assault-weapons-poll @Cain

77% of 🇨🇦 gun owners support bannng assault weapons, more or less in line with general public: in March @EKOSResearch found 69% in favour. In April @angusreidorg found 78% in favour. In May @IpsosCanada found 82% in favour. #BillC21 ...#BanAssaultWeaons https://www.ipolitics.ca/news/more-than-three-quarters-of-gun-owners-support-ban-on-assault-weapons-poll @Cain

...although @Calibremag still hasn't deleted this grossly misleading post which lists firearms they claim would be banned - while in fact they would be *excluded" from ban #BillC21 https://twitter.com/Calibremag/status/1595822262808371200

Oh please. This coming from someone who regularly and flippantly calls politicians and advocates "liars" #GunLobbyBullies

.@Calibremag gets it right & corrects politicians (read: @CPC_HQ MPs) who say @liberal_party's amendment to #BillC21 is a blanket ban on semi-automatic firearms. #Kudos to CalibreMagazine for being the only honest player on the pro-gun side of ...this debate https://calibremag.ca/bill-c-21-amendments-fallout-and-pushback-begin/

BIDEN: "The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick!"

Shame on you @nationalpost for disseminating Conservative MP #disinformation, going so far as to include ridiculous @shandro accusation that federal government is planning to “ban legal firearm ownership altogether” #BanAssaultWeapons #BillC21 ...#cdnpoli https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/bill-c-21-ban-hunting-rifles

Conservative MPs lying about @liberal_party's amendment to #C21, claiming it will ban ALL semi-automatics and leaving out critical details like ➡️*centre-fire* ➡️designed to accept detachable magazine with *over 5* cartridges capacity, for ...which gun was *specifically designed*⬅️


.@Liberal MP @PamDamoff said amendment to #BillC21 would ban & codify in #CriminalCode the kinds of guns banned in 2020: "I just want to make clear that we are not going after hunters. We're looking to remove weapons that were designed for the ...battlefield" https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/liberals-tories-spar-over-scope-of-proposed-assault-style-firearm-definition-1.6167573

#GunLobby VP proclaiming "HuntingGunBan" with list of guns that are explicitly *excluded* from ban in @liberal_party's #BillC21 amendment ensuring a comprehensive #ban on assault weapons. Did they miss "with the exception of" or is it in their ...interest to #FearMonger hunters?

Shorter 🧵 on #BillC21 #AssaultWeapon amendment that adresses guns that are explicitly *excluded* from the ban:
(Thank you A.J.)

these are the guns being banned: SKS, Tavor, X-95, all AR180 and variants, Canuck bullpup shotguns, Crusader Arms, Kel-Tec Sub2000, SU16, RDB, RFB, JR Carbine, Kriss Vector, Ruger PC Carbine, Norinco T97 NSR, Benelli M4.

none of these are used by ...hunters. - my sask hunter bf. https://twitter.com/PremierScottMoe/status/1595495352886595584

Another good 🧵 on the assault weapon ban amendment #BillC21

Our evergreen amendment to Bill C-21 means that a legal definition of a military style assault firearm will be enshrined in the Criminal Code. This will ensure that Canada has a fair and consistent standard for what constitutes a military style ...assault firearm.

Quelques exemples d'armes qui seraient interdites en vertu de l'amendement au #PLC21 proposé par le @parti_liberal (vraisemblablement appuyé par le @BlocQuebecois et le @NPD_QG): 1/

More examples of firearms affected by the @liberal_party's proposed amendment to #BillC21:

Examples of weapons that would be prohibited under the @liberal_party amendment tabled at #SECU aimed at completing the promised #AssaultWeapon ban, according to Armalytics:


Problems with 🇺🇸 red flag laws: Denver’s statistics reflect a national trend: Law enforcement officers are more likely to file & be granted a red flag petition, in part because family members are often intimidated by the process of going... to court #BillC21 https://www.thetrace.org/2022/11/colorado-springs-mass-shooting-red-flag/

🇺🇸Colorado gay nightclub shooting: Authorities at time of suspect’s 2021 bomb threat said no explosives were found, but gun-control advocates have asked why police didn’t use Colorado’s “red flag” laws to seize weapons Aldrich’s ...mother says her child had https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-colorado-gay-club-shooting-suspect-held-without-bail-2/

“Boufeldja, mon ami. Le fédéral a finalement bougé concernant les armes de poing. Interdites. Il a fini par comprendre qu’on ne possède pas des machins du genre pour chasser l’orignal au centre-ville. Ça lui a pris du temps à la ...pogner!” -Régis Labeaume https://www.lapresse.ca/debats/chroniques/2022-11-24/mes-excuses-ben.php

L'arme ayant provoqué un déploiement policier et confinement au @CLionelGroulx est une mitraillette en plastique achetée à proximité et toujours en magasin: épisode qui "peut servir de leçon" avec #PLC21 qui vise à légiférer les armes à ...plomb https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2022/11/21/cette-mitraillette-a-foutu-la-trouille-a-plein-de-monde @NSaillantJDQ

The Toronto Police Services Board says the renowned gunsmith who died in a police raid just over a year ago "was the author of his own misfortune" in a recently filed statement of defence. https://www.cbc.ca/1.6645487

Can and must but won't #USA #NRA

The governor of Virginia - a lifetime NRA member - manages to tweet about the mass shooting at a Chesapeake Walmart without using the words gunman or shooting.

Gun violence is political because NRA lobbyists pay our politicians for their inaction.... https://twitter.com/GovernorVA/status/1595375949759262720

Re the legitimacy of sneaking new measures in via committee "amendments," a reminder that an evergreen definition to replace the May 2020 regulation was long promised https://twitter.com/Polysesouvient/status/1595240692179238915

"Alberta will take action, although Alberta remains unsure what action Alberta can or will take"

It's okay, Tyler. I heard you stomping your foot and harrumphing mightily, and I'm suitably impressed ...https://twitter.com/shandro/status/1595494270026551296

🧵 on assault weapon ban amendment #BillC21

En proposant une définition permanente d'une arme d'assaut interdite dans le #PLC21, le ⁦@parti_liberal⁩ tient sa promesse et
franchit « une autre étape cruciale vers une interdiction complète et permanente des armes d'assaut au Canada »... #polcan https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1934935/controle-armes-liberaux-definition-arme-feu-assaut

@macg1llivray @TWilsonOttawa @ValerieFang1 @Polysesouvient doesn’t look to me like they’re all that earnest about lobbying, seems to be more about running a business

I was a competitive sport shooter & I don’t think these clowns represent... me

@TWilsonOttawa @ValerieFang1 @Polysesouvient Looked over the replies, everyone interpreted it the same way. You used “poly” to mock @Polysesouvient.

If you really wanted to persuade Canadians to reverse gun bans, instead of just riling up ...gunnies to get their $, you wouldn’t be doing these sorts of things.

@TWilsonOttawa @Polysesouvient You’re not seriously mocking the Polytechnique Masssare with this promo code? Proves you people really are as subhuman as we accuse you of being.

By proposing an evergreen definition of prohibited assault-style weapons for inclusion in #BillC21, the @liberal_party has kept its promise & taken “another critical step toward a comprehensive and permanent ban on assault-style weapons in ...Canada” #cdnpoli https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-assault-style-firearm-definition-draws-applause-from-gun-control-group/

The lobby for sports shooters (Canadian Shooting Sports Association - CSSA) launches lawsuit against gvt’s #freeze on new handgun purchases, calling keeping one’s handguns for the rest of one’s life "de facto handgun confiscation without ...compensation" #C21 https://myemail.constantcontact.com/CSSA-Launches-Multi-Pronged-Lawsuit-Against-Trudeau-Government-over-Handgun-Freeze.html?soid=1124731702303&aid=qjuIMJN-ly8

Des groupes visant à retirer les armes à feu des mauvaises mains estiment que la mesure «🚩» du #PLC21 pourrait saper les efforts destinés à assurer davantage de sécurité aux citoyens, notamment aux femmes susceptibles d'être victimes de ...violence familiale https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1934525/mesure-drapeau-rouge-projet-loi-armes-critiquee-par-femmes

The red flag measure proposed by #C21 will undermine reforms that are needed in cases where police don’t take complaints seriously. That should be the focus of improving the system, which is the most effective one to protect against domestic ...violence https://www.thestar.com/politics/2022/11/21/critics-say-red-flag-provision-in-federal-firearms-bill-could-weaken-public-safety.html

... says the lobbyist for the gun industry

Seems the 🍁gun cult got triggered this morning, so to speak.
Wonder why …
🤷🏼😉🤷🏼 https://twitter.com/civiladvantage1/status/1594730914965512192

#CCFR's way of "empowering" 🇨🇦Canadian women

Just a reminder: ⁦@PierrePoilievre⁩’s friends at the Canadian Coalition for “Firearm Rights” want concealed carry of firearms to be legalized in Canadian cities and possession of guns without a license to be decriminalized.
#cdnpoli ⁦@marcomendicino⁩ ⁦

Role models for 🍁Canadian women and girls, brought to you by the Canadian Coalition for “Firearm Rights”.

(And to all the #GunTrolls who object to any reference to 🇺🇸) «What is wrong with a government seeing a tragedy unfold next door and deciding now is the time to do something to prevent the next one from happening within its own borders?» ...-Matthew Anzarouth https://harvardpolitics.com/wsj-canada-gun/

« 🇨🇦 has a relatively high rate of homicides & violent crimes involving firearms. Among high-income countries with pop of 10M+, we have the 3rd highest number of gun homicides per 100,000, trailing behind only Chile and the ...🇺🇸US » https://harvardpolitics.com/wsj-canada-gun/ https://harvardpolitics.com/wsj-canada-gun/

🇺🇸Colorado Springs gay nightclub patron grabbed suspect’s gun, hit him with it & pinned him down until police arrived,after gunman used #AR15-style weapon, #handgun & ammunition magazines to kill 5 and injure 25 others with 7 in ...critical condition https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/patrons-in-gay-club-shooting-hit-gunman-with-his-own-weapon-1.6161775

#CCFR doing what #CCFR does best..


Réalisé par @mberthelet et portée par ls comédiens @MarieJoanneBou1 et @jmdalphond (dont la cousine était parmi les 14 victimes à #Polytechnique), le balado documentaire "Projet Polytechnique: Faire face" sera dispo dès le 25 nov sur ...@RadioCanadaInfo OHdio https://ctvm.info/projet-polytechnique-faire-face-un-balado-documentaire-disponible-des-le-25-novembre-2022-sur-radio-canada-ohdio/

At least five people were killed and 18 injured late Saturday in a shooting at an L.G.B.T.Q. nightclub in Colorado Springs, the police said early Sunday morning. via @NYTimes ...https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/11/20/us/colorado-springs-shooting?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare

The most important thing I learned after Uvalde is that there are over 50,000 school police officers in this country, but they haven't stopped even one school shooting. Instead they've arrested over 1 million kids, mostly students of color. ...https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1592514003800297474

Des groupes de femmes ⁦@RMFVVC s’étaient déplacés à #Ottawa pour faire part aux députés de leurs craintes et demander de rayer la mesure 🚩 du #PLC21 qui impose un fardeau indu à des personnes déjà fragilisées en plus d’être ...risqué pour elles ⁩#SECU https://www.ledevoir.com/societe/justice/771468/justice-une-mesure-visant-a-proteger-les-femmes-inquiete-celles-ci