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“The US does not, contrary to the old conventional wisdom, have more crime in general than other Western industrial nations. Instead, the US appears to have more lethal violence — and that’s driven in large part by the prevalence of guns“ ... https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/4/16418754/gun-control-washington-post

Spouse of #NS gunman won't face direct questions from victims' families' lawyers, prompting one lawyer to says his clients are losing faith in the credibility of the inquiry: "Cross-examination can make or break a witness's evidence" #cdnpoli ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/lisa-banfield-mass-casualty-commission-testify-1.6506926 @mtuttoncporg

@Polysesouvient @marcomendicino @RachelBendayan J’ai été très touchée par les meurtres de la Polytechnique, encore plus parce que je connaissais Annie Turcotte à cause des compétitions de natation.
Je ne m’imaginais jamais que moi aussi je ... perdrais un fils, aussi innocente victime de meurtre par arme à feu, au même âge. 💔

Alleged political interference shouldn’t overshadow RCMP failures. If Blair did indeed pressure Lucki to release gun details, he would have been going up against RCMP culture many legal experts have long criticized as secretive by default ... -@brianhillGlobal https://globalnews.ca/news/8953657/political-interference-rcmp-lucki-communications-failures/

Ce qui aurait dû être une banale chicane de voisinage s’est transformé en une véritable opération policière lorsqu’un septuagénaire a menacé de mort son voisin avec une #ArmeDePoing. ➡️Le problème ne se limite pas aux gangs + armes ... illégales! https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/justice-et-faits-divers/2022-06-29/laval/une-chicane-de-voisins-degenere-une-arme-a-feu-braquee.php @henriouelvez

Criminology professor says the "juicy political scandal" is distracting from what should be an inquiry into systemic problems in RCMP that allowed a man armed & disguised as an officer to evade police & continue killing for more than 13 hrs ... https://www.thespec.com/ts/politics/2022/06/29/bill-blair-says-discussions-with-rcmp-on-gun-ban-ns-shooting-stayed-separate.html @SarahRitchieTV

"Ls conservateurs + le lobby proarmes se précipitent pr clamer que ls décrets étaient une sorte de stratégie politique opportuniste qui exploitait une tragédie alors que pour la majorité ds 🇨🇦 interdire ls #ArmesDAssaut est une bonne ... chose" https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/national/2022-06-29/massacre-en-nouvelle-ecosse/il-n-y-a-pas-eu-d-ingerence-dit-bill-blair-sur-le-controle-des-armes-a-feu.php @SarahRitchieTV

As usual #GunLobby totally distorts our comment. Our quote: "If it took a tragedy to prompt the gov into long-awaited action on #GunControl, that may be a sad commentary on politics, but it is surely beneficial for public safety." What's "beneficial"... is *banning assault weapons*

Criminologue dit que le "scandale politique croustillant" détourne l’attention de ce qui doit être au cœur de l’enquête sur la tuerie en #NE: pourquoi et comment un homme déguisé en policier a pu échapper à la police et tuer pendant 13 ... hres https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/national/2022-06-29/massacre-en-nouvelle-ecosse/il-n-y-a-pas-eu-d-ingerence-dit-bill-blair-sur-le-controle-des-armes-a-feu.php @SarahRitchieTV

"..distracting from what must be at the heart of the commission's investigation into the killings: why and how a man dressed as a police officer was able to escape the police and continue to kill for more than 13 hours w/ illegal weapons." ... https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/national/2022-06-29/massacre-en-nouvelle-ecosse/il-n-y-a-pas-eu-d-ingerence-dit-bill-blair-sur-le-controle-des-armes-a-feu.php

“The Conservatives and #GunLobby have been falling over themselves claiming that the OICs are some kind of devious self-serving political move that exploited a tragedy, while for majority🇨🇦 banning #AssaultWeapons is the right thing to do" ... https://www.thestar.com/politics/2022/06/29/bill-blair-says-discussions-with-rcmp-on-gun-ban-ns-shooting-stayed-separate.html @SarahRitchieTV

There may not have been a way for gov to avoid spike in handgun sales once it announced pending freeze:“It would happen during those 30 sitting days no matter when regs are tabled, since @CPC_HQ would never agree to suspend 30-day rule" ... https://www.hilltimes.com/2022/06/29/feds-underestimated-gun-owners-response-to-proposed-handgun-freeze-says-ndp-and-couldnt-react-in-time/369996 @DearOtherPeople

.@CGCguncontrol, @DanforthFSC, @Docs4GunControl, @ZeroGunViolence & Mothers for Peace amoung orgs joining @marcomendicino today in #Toronto to launch $250M Building Safer Communities Fund supporting initiatives to prevent gun violence & help ... young people https://www.canada.ca/en/public-safety-canada/news/2022/06/government-taking-action-on-gun-violence-in-toronto-through-new-funding-for-gang-prevention-initiatives.html

Une vidéo de propagande haineuse montre qu’un groupe d’au moins 4 hommes en tenue de combat paramilitaire a participé à des séances de maniement d’armes dans un édifice situé à une quarantaine de km à l’est de Victoriaville #polcan ... ⁦@TristanPeloquin⁩ https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/justice-et-faits-divers/2022-06-29/centre-du-quebec/un-camp-de-la-haine-tenu-par-un-groupe-neonazi.php

The #NS gunman would make aggressive advances on women at parties. Once, he and another man saw him go after Lisa McCully and they "physically had to take his hands off her." McCully was one of the first people the gunman killed on April 18 ... #SexualPredator https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/n-s-mass-shooter-controlled-exploited-women-1.6502301

Chief Const. Dean Duthie said he's never seen this level of violence in Saanich in the 27 yrs he served: "This is something that shakes a community. People are going to be affected by this and we're cognizant of this" #shooting #cdnpoli ... https://www.cp24.com/news/two-suspects-dead-six-officers-shot-after-b-c-bank-shooting-1.5967203

Une banale chicane entre voisins liée à des bacs de déchets a provoqué tout un branle-bas policier dans un quartier de #Laval lorsqu’un septuagénaire aurait brandi une #ArmeDePoing pour intimider son rival #C21 #polcan ... https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2022/06/28/il-braque-son-arme-sur-son-voisin-pour-une-poubelle

With numbers of guns seemingly on the increase across 🇨🇦, @marcomendicino was in #Windsor to review technologies being utilized at border to prevent #smuggling and tout proposed legislation that would freeze purchase of #handguns. #cdnpoli ... https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/publc-safety-minister-visits-windsor-touts-gun-legislation @DaveBattagello

they seek to weaken those same laws, pushing
1. Concealed carry of firearms in our cities.
2. Open carry in our rural areas.
3. Broadened rights of self defence by gun.
4. ‘Background checks’ allowed to go back only five years.
... It’s all in their official policies:

🧵The 🍁gun cult talks out of both sides of their mouths: on one hand, they proclaim that Canada has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world👇🏻, while on the other…

Modest improvements in the US🇺🇸:
- expanded background checks
- closing “boyfriend loophole” applying gun prohibitions for anyone under restraining order related to #IPV
- financial support for states that have red flag laws
- expanding ... federal licensing system for gun dealers

I respect the right of the @AtIssueCBC panel, @acoyne, @ChantalHbert, @althiaraj, @elamin88 & @RosieBarton to express their opinion on the issue of interference in the @rcmpgrcpolice probe but I remind them that an officer's opinion is ... conjecture, not proof. #Facts #cdnpoli

This Conservative MP said “NO” when the following Unanimous Consent motion was read out:

“That the House express its horror at the school mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and extend its deepest condolences to the families, friends and ... communities who lost loved ones.

Québec injecte 2 millions $ pour lutter contre la violence armée à Montréal | http://Radio-Canada.ca - https://goo.gl/alerts/yz9kp #GoogleAlerts

It's difficult to overstate how devastating Thomas' opinion is for gun control laws. This goes so, so far beyond concealed carry. The Supreme Court has effectively rendered gun restrictions presumptively unconstitutional. This is a revolution in ... Second Amendment law.

Just so everyone knows, these are the states - including Massachusetts - that had one of their gun laws overturned today.

Cette semaine en 2e Lecture du #C21, des députés du @BlocQuebecois ont réitéré qu'ils voteront en faveur mais chercheront des amendements pour un programme de rachat volontaire des #ArmesDePoing et une définition permanente pour interdire les ... #ArmesDAssaut https://noscommunes.ca/DocumentViewer/fr/44-1/chambre/seance-93/debats

Le projet de loi C-21 vient d'être adopté en 2ième lecture! C’est l'action la plus importante sur la violence armée depuis une génération.

Avec l'appui des député(e)s libéraux, NPD, BQ et verts, c'est une mesure que tous les Canadiens ... peuvent appuyer! https://twitter.com/CdcChambre/status/1540056580221243392

Résultat du vote : le projet de loi #C21 a été adopté à l’étape de la 2e lecture et renvoyé au comité #SECU. #polcan

Pour : 206 ✅
Contre : 115 ❌

Vote result: Bill #C21 was adopted at 2nd reading and referred to the #SECU committee. #cdnpoli

Yeas: 206 ✅
Nays: 115 ❌

"@theJagmeetSingh warned against @CPC_HQ using inquiry revelations to “score political points” against #BillC21 & gun restrictions in general". Indeed, #GunLobby is acting like story affects merits of banning #AssaultWeapons - it doesn't ... https://globalnews.ca/news/8942345/justin-trudeau-brenda-lucki-rcmp-nova-scotia/ @AaronDAndrea21

Lost in partisan bickering is any discussion over public’s right to know about the guns in question. @ajsomerset says release of details was unlikely to hobble RCMP’s investigation. Blake Brown asks "why info can’t be released faster by police"... https://globalnews.ca/news/8942335/ns-shooting-rcmp-withheld-details/ @NovaMac

It is outrageous that at a moment of national reckoning on gun violence, the Supreme Court has recklessly struck down a New York law that limits those who can carry concealed weapons.

A dark day in America.

This is a dangerous decision from a court hell bent on pushing a radical ideological agenda and infringing on the rights of states to protect our citizens from being gunned down in our streets, schools, and churches.

... Shameful.

In 6-3 decision based on broad interpretation of 2nd Amendment, 🇺🇸 Supreme strikes down #NewYork law placing strict limits on carrying guns outside home - a decision with far-reaching implications particularly in cities that restrict who can ... carry them https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/06/23/us/gun-control-senate-supreme-court

.@BillBlair denies anyone in federal gov interfered in RCMP investigation re #NS shooting. "I made no effort to pressure RCMP to interfere in any way with their investigation. I gave no direction as to what information they should communicate" ... https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/blair-denies-interference-in-rcmp-investigation-into-nova-scotia-mass-shooting-1.5958187 @rachaiello

Mountie who wrote that RCMP head interfered in #NS investigation "came to his own conclusions" says @BillBlair. #cdnpoli https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/lucki-nova-scotia-shooting-interference-1.6497270 @cattunneycbc

"While urban crime makes headlines and isn’t to be ignored, if you live in rural 🇨🇦 you're more likely to be a victim of a gun crime; if you're a woman who is a victim of gun crime, there’s a 1-in-4 chance (it's) by a spouse/intimate ... partner" - Paul Hutton https://www.orilliamatters.com/letters-to-the-editor/letter-reader-calls-new-gun-control-measures-a-step-forward-5500858

Mounties knew a great deal about the killer’s guns early in investigation but declined comment, citing investigation. Details about types of guns used by shooter, however, were not shared in 5 news conferences that took place following shooting ... https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/rcmp-commissioner-brenda-lucki-denies-interfering-in-ns-investigation-to-push-liberal-gun-control-bill @NovaMac

When @JustinTrudeau announced ban on 1500 #AssaultWeapons in spring of 2020, police had NOT released makes & models of those used in #NS. That info didn't become public until fall of 2020 when @nationalpost reported details from briefing note ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/blair-lucki-nova-scotia-shooting-gun-control-1.6496511 @cattunneycbc

Seulement 3 évènements impliquant des armes à feu ont eu lieu à #Longueuil en 2021, dont un homicide. Il s’agit d’un faible bilan dans le contexte de flambée de violence armée à #Montréal (516 crimes armés) et #Laval (42 décharges) ... #polmtl https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/grand-montreal/2022-06-21/rapport-annuel-du-spal-2021/moins-d-armes-a-feu-a-longueuil-mais-une-violence-aussi-presente.php @LilaDussault

One of Little Peter Popinjay’s people.
Evidently allowed to own guns.
@PierrePoilievre @rcmpgrcpolice https://twitter.com/StarrRyder1/status/1539362279912767489

“It’s direct, indisputable, empirical evidence that this kind of common claim that ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with the gun’ is wrong,” said Adam Lankford via @NYTimes ... https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/06/22/us/shootings-police-response-uvalde-buffalo.html?referringSource=articleShare

Minister @BillBlair says no one from the federal gov pressured or directed RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to release info about the weapons used in the 2020 mass shooting event in #NS to boost support for new gun control measures #cdnpoli ... https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/blair-lucki-nova-scotia-shooting-gun-control-1.6496511 @cattunneycbc

"In the days following the #NS mass shooting, RCMP’s statements to the public were riddled with mistakes, confusion & omissions. Key information, including the victims’ names & the types of weapons used, was withheld from the public ... longer than was needed" https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-newly-released-report-reveals-errors-omissions-in-rcmp-statements/

A week after #NS murders, RCMP Commissionner Lucki pressured RCMP in Nova Scotia to release details of weapons used, but RCMP commanders in Nova Scotia refused to release such details saying doing so would threaten their investigation #cdnpoli ... https://www.halifaxexaminer.ca/featured/rcmp-commissioner-brenda-lucki-tried-to-jeopardize-mass-murder-investigation-to-advance-trudeaus-gun-control-efforts/ @jenhendart

.@CPC_HQ MP complains about rising gun crime, fails to mention that the only changes to 🇨🇦's gun control law since progressive reduction in gun murders following strengthening of law in 90s were those of her own party, incl destruction of ... long-gun registry https://globalnews.ca/video/8934192/conservatives-claim-murders-at-30-year-high-under-liberal-government-slam-bill-c-21