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“Applying federal laws, whether it relates to firearms or any offence under the Criminal Code, is not an a-la-carte menu. You don't get to opt out & tell the RCMP which laws they're going to enforce or not" says ⁦@marcomendicino⁩ #cdnpoli ...@rachaiello https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/mendicino-says-alberta-s-resistance-to-federal-gun-buyback-plan-is-reckless-and-a-political-stunt-1.6089719

Prolific pro-gun troll defends AW50 as "bolt-action rifle" banned for its "appearance":
➡️ used by military in 10 countries incl 🇨🇦
➡️ pierces aircraft & lightly armoured vehicles
➡️ broke long-range record as sniper rifle ...killing Taliban fighters at 2,4km
➡️ banned in California


Yep, yer average “law-abiding gun owner” on behalf of whom the 🍁gun cult is always moaning.
@marcomendicino @BillBlair @DavidLametti

Jurisprudence in the 🍁gun cult’s universe:


“Our schools should be communities, they should be places of safety. They should be sanctuaries where children can come and escape any of the terrors they face in the world. School should not be a place that leads children to prison," said Nanre ...Nafziger. https://montreal.citynews.ca/2022/09/29/montreal-police-spvm-school-program/

Legal ignoramus 🍁gun cultist ignores how many times our courts have declared there are no firearm “rights” under the Charter.
#cdnpoli @marcomendicino https://twitter.com/nbfreeprovince/status/1575520752660512769

Doyenne of the 🍁gun cult claims to stand for ‘fair and effective gun regulation’ when her organization’s own policies call for concealed carry in cities, open carry in countryside, decriminalization of gun possession without a licence, and ...broad rights of self defence by gun. 🤥

Moreover, it’s politicians telling police which crimes to investigate and which not.
Isn’t that what Conservatives are always screaming against?
Shawcross, something, something, something?
@CPC_HQ @PierrePoilievre @acoyne #cdnpoli ...https://twitter.com/DuaneBratt/status/1574791698181672960

all reference to the immediately preceding paragraphs requiring the police to enforce those very same laws.

To be clear, many centre-fire semi-automatic assault-style weapons were not captured by the 2020 OICs & related criteria. Ministre @marcomendicino promised to amend #BillC21 to include ALL #AssaultWeapons, including those not yet been banned, ...like these #cdnpoli


.@E_Duhaime parotting the #GunLobby: “When you look at crimes that occur, all murders committed with firearms were committed with illegal arms”. He's a Quebecer. Has he already forgotten the Polytechnique, QcMosque and Dawson massacres? #polqc ...@JasonMagder https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-should-target-illegal-guns-trade-on-aboriginal-reserves-duhaime

.@RCMPSK confirm arrest of controversial Diagolon movement leader Jeremy Mackenzie on a 🇨🇦-wide warrant. He was charged with 13 gun-related offences as well as assault, pointing a firearm & use of a restricted weapon in a careless manner ...#cdnpoli https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/jeremy-mackenzie-leader-of-the-controversial-diagolon-movement-arrested-on-canada-wide-warrant-1.6599930 @gleocbc

#Saskatchewan "Public Safety" minister writes to @RCMPSK that it would be “counterintuitive” to use policing resources to enforce the federal buyback of this kind of weapon #saskpoli #cdnpoli ...https://leaderpost.com/news/local-news/sask-politics/christine-tell-says-sask-wont-fund-ottawas-buyback-gun-program @JeremySimes

.@CalgaryPolice chief @neufeld_mark supports removing #AssaultWeapons: “What’s pretty clear is mass shootings have occurred in 🇺🇸 and in 🇨🇦 (involving) those types of weapons and the devastation has been much worse due to (their) use... & availability #abpoli https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgary-police-on-board-in-principal-with-ottawa-gun-buy-back-plan

These are weapons #Alberta Justice Minister @shandro is referring to when he says "assault-style" is a just "a label designed to scare 🇨🇦dians who are unfamiliar with firearms .. a description based purely on appearance (and) politically ...motivated" #abpoli https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/alberta-pushes-back-against-ottawa-over-gun-buyback-program


“Saying 'we’re going to resist, we’re not going to co-operate with the federal gov is wrong. It’s an abdication of responsibility because it suggests any province has the ability to opt out of a federal law when it relates to firearms” ...says @marcomendicino https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/alberta-pushes-back-against-ottawa-over-gun-buyback-program

@FuzzyNuts8 @Polysesouvient @RachelNotley Calgary Police Service stats released today: (https://www.calgarypolicecommission.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Sept-2022-5.1-CPC-Gun-Violence-in-Calgary-Revised.pdf)
25% are from homes/B&Es.
18% from ...smuggling.
(caveat: Cgy has had 106 shootings this yr; data only from firearms directly linked to shooting)

Lethal means safety (LMS)—in which access to firearms and other lethal methods is reduced—is an evidence-based approach to reducing suicide risk.

Studies have consistently shown that firearm availability increases the risk of suicide, which in part explains why US firearm suicide rates are highest among populations with high ownership rates, including veterans and middle-aged and older white ...men.

"We know from the chiefs of police across 🇨🇦 that one of the critical ways we can improve #PublicSafety is to reduce the prevalence of military-style #AssaultWeapons in our communities – hardly groundbreaking stuff” -@RachelNotley ...#HearHear https://globalnews.ca/news/9160552/alberta-resist-federal-gun-buyback-politicizes-police-critics/ @Adam_Toy

AB’s resistance to the federal #AssaultWeapons buyback program politicizes police: "A distinctively dangerous proposition. My sense is that the justice minister knows better but senses a political opportunity" -UofA criminology prof @TopeOriola ...https://globalnews.ca/news/9160552/alberta-resist-federal-gun-buyback-politicizes-police-critics/ @Adam_Toy

UofA criminology professor Temitope Oriola says Alberta's premise that feds are taking guns from law-abiding citizens isn’t true as it's possible to maintain gun ownership and also ensure public safety. "Both are not mutually exclusive" #cdnpoli ...https://globalnews.ca/news/9160552/alberta-resist-federal-gun-buyback-politicizes-police-critics/ @Adam_Toy

#Saskatchewan gov to follow example of #Alberta and won't allow provincial funds to be used to administer & enforce #AssaultWeapons buyback program, says incompetent CFO. Another #illegal and/or #irresponsible provincial move against ...#PublicSafety #cdnpoli https://www.ckom.com/2022/09/28/sask-government-pulling-money-away-from-federal-gun-buyback/

.@ByJamesKeller & @wcoxglobe say one can't separate refusal to enforce #AssaultWeapon buyback program from @Alberta_UCP leadership race as much of it has focused on promises to make #Alberta more independent from #Ottawa, including on the gun ...file #cdnpoli https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/british-columbia/article-western-canada-alberta-vows-not-to-enforce-federal-gun-bans-in-what/

So Alberta's Justice Minister has told the RCMP not to confiscate banned weapons from "law-abiding gun owners", and I'm just going to point out that if refuse to turn in a firearm that's now prohibited, YOU'RE NO LONGER A LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNER.

Another day in America.

Roxborough High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. One 14-year-old boy dead and 4 others injured after football scrimmage.

This country values guns over children’s lives.

RCMP released photos of Coutts weapons cache with Diagolon patches in Feb.

3) This isn't about protecting Alberta from federal intrusions into provincial jurisdiction. Whether you support/oppose gun policy, it is federal jurisdiction. This is Alberta deciding which federal laws it will enforce and which ones it will not.

Just a few of the guns included in the federal buyback program which Alberta will challenge, calling it a waste of money. Unless you are actively fighting on the front line of a battlefield, I do not understand why anyone needs to have these in ...their home.

Reminder: Alberta lost its constitutional challenge against the long-gun registry
And 80% of 🇨🇦Canadians support banning semi-automatic #AssaultWeapons, including majority of Albertans

Once again #Alberta is seeking to challenging the constitutionality of federal gun control law, this time the 2020 #AssaultWeapon ban. In 2000, the Supreme Court rejected Alberta's challenge of the fed's right to register all guns ...https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/alberta-government-calls-on-rcmp-to-ignore-federal-firearms-ban-within-province-1.6084864 @SCC_eng @CTVBMacfarlane

Alberta really is Canada’s Florida isn’t it? Making sure to defend assault weapons and not the people murdered by them.

.@mountroyal4u Justice studies professor Doug King pushed back against Shandro's portrayal of the buyback program: "no one (is) busting down doors". And telling @rcmpgrcpolice not to enforce a federal law would be "extraordinarily unusual" ...https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-guns-federal-legislation-1.6596683 @PaulaDuhatschek

Le ministre de la Justice de l’Alberta dit que son gouv n'acceptera pas que ds agents de la @grcrcmppolice agissent comme "agents de confiscation" pr commencer la saisie ds #ArmesDAssaut cet automne. #illégal ou #irresponsable, ou les deux? ...https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1919395/police-fusils-gendarmerie-royale-canada-justice @MARCANTOINELEB

Le suspect qui aurait harcelé et proféré des menaces à l’endroit de son ex-conjointe qui l’avait quitté il y a quelques semaines, accusé de harcèlement, menaces et possession d’armes prohibées, détenait légalement 17 armes #polcan ...⁦@Vincent_Larin⁩ https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/justice-et-faits-divers/2022-09-26/grand-montreal/dix-sept-armes-a-feu-saisies-chez-un-homme-accuse-de-harcelement.php

@STiberius Yes, the federal gun buyback is aiming at (pun intended) assault-style weapons.
One of the guns seized by RCMP & anncd on Friday was an AR-15, as well as other long & handguns.
I agree there can be responsible gun ownership.
But I... wouldn't call waiving a gun around "responsible."

Mere days after RCMP seized nearly 50 guns -- some of which were restricted/ not reg'd -- from an individual who allegedly waived an ostensibly loaded handgun at another driver during a road rage incident, Alberta's justice minister is instructing ...RCMP in AB to NOT seize guns.

Alberta's Chief Prov Firearms officer is disputing any direction or intention directing the #Alberta RCMP Headquarters (K Division) to participate in the #AssaultWeapon buyback program. If this isn't #illegal, it's utterly #irresponsible ...https://thecountersignal.com/kenney-commands-alberta-rcmp/ #polcan

.@PconservateurQc n’a pas répondu au questionnaire sur le contrôle des armes. @E_Duhaime dit qu'il n'a "pas vu le questionnaire, très honnêtement". Pourtant, il lui a été envoyé, avec 2 rappels, et maintenant nous sommes sur sa liste ...d'envoi! #quebec2022 https://www.lapresse.ca/elections-quebecoises/2022-09-26/la-bourse-du-carbone-resterait-avec-duhaime.php

“La violence a plusieurs visages et des causes multiples, et il faut mettre en œuvre un grand éventail de solutions pour la réduire“ -⁦@TedRutland⁩ #polqc #polcan ...https://www.lapresse.ca/debats/opinions/2022-09-24/montreal/quand-violence-ne-rime-pas-avec-armes-a-feu.php

Always amusing to see the 🍁gun cult’s legal savants rattling the lawsuit sabres when gun control advocates say something they don’t like.
No idea what you can and can’t sue for, but whatever …
@Polysesouvient... @cdnmodel

Another day, another "vetted" person with a restricted gun license doing stupid things.



Malgré le consensus voulant que ls armes saisies soient tracées, il n'y en a pas sur ls outils nécessaires pour le faire efficacement: ls registres de vente + l'enregistrement. @parti_liberal a réinstauré le 1er mais lui et @PCC_HQ s'oppose au ...2e #polcan https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1918084/ottawa-renonce-tracage-obligatoire-armes-feu

Can't get over the razor sharp wit exhibited in the stinging rebuttals of the leader of the loudest #GunLobby group


#CCFR keeps posting this bogus graph comparing funding for safer communities to an arbitrary cost estimate for the #AssaultWeapon buyback, authored by pro-gun "researcher" & gun collector Gary Mauser published by the pro-gun Fraser Institute ...#ZeroCredibility #BillC21 #cdnpoli


Would help if #GunLobby took a minute to read our questions & results: Question 3 specifically asks about fighting #GunSmuggling. Parties not willing to commit to intervening along iron pipeline got negative grade. Fighting both gun smuggling ...& misuse of legal ones IS possible


This “model Canadian” wants to sue us for sharing positions of political parties on gun control #quebec2022 #cdnpoli

Important to underline the diversity of sources of crimes guns. Not true that problem lies mainly with illegally imported handguns. Recent RCMP data shows majority of guns seized across 🇨🇦 are domestically sourced & most of them are long ...guns, not handguns https://polysesouvient.ca/Documents/MONT_22_06_06_SOURCES_Guns_Armes_ENG_FRA.pdf

But that’s no longer the case for long guns. For ex, the Ruger Mini-14 that was in NS gunman’s possession could be traced to a specific store in Winnipeg, but further tracing was impossible because the store's sales ledgers were destroyed in ...2012, along with long-gun registry

Handguns remain registered, so it’s easier to trace domestic handguns used in crime, like the one used in the Danforth mass shooting which was stolen from a store in Saskatchewan